#EventFlowers: Flower Beauty

November 5, 2014

In celebration of Drew Barrymore’s newest fragrance: Cherished by Flower Beauty, a warm, delicate scent enveloped in cashmere.


Boots & Other Stories

October 28, 2014

stuart_weitzman_5050There’s about one week per year in New York when bare legs + knee boots + cotton trench coat = the perfect outfit.

Every fall, I usually end up buying a pair of boots to take me through the cold season. Boots are easy, and regardless of if they’re a flat ankle style or a sky-high stiletto, never look “soooo last season.” And oddly enough, many of my random memories of life in the city also involve boots in some way.

There was those Banana Republic riding boots I was obsessed with in 2007. They were a cross between brown and camel and the dye often rubbed off on my socks, but I loved them anyway because they were so damn comfortable. Even though I bought them before I even moved to the city, I only seem to remember wearing them in New York. It was my first year here and I probably traversed the entirely of Manhattan in them. In particular, I remember wearing them to visit a somewhat questionable dentist on Madison Avenue who pulled out a wisdom tooth under the guise of filling a cavity. This was a day before I started my second job in the city.


How to Apply Armani Maestro Blush

October 19, 2014

armani_maestro_blushAny time I receive a sample of a Giorgio Armani beauty product, it feels a little bit like Christmas. Despite having been a beauty editor for almost a decade now, the rush from getting my hands on a truly good product never goes away — and Armani always delivers.

Earlier this year, when the brand launched the Maestro Fusion Blush, the latest in its “Maestro” franchise, I was the first person in my office to volunteer to test it out. The product — a liquid blush — is encased in a frosted jar and comes with a dropper applicator, so I squeezed a drop onto the back of my hand, applied it to my cheek…and disaster.

The pigment is incredibly concentrated and even a droplet leaves behind color so intense that it looks clownish. The few trial runs always ended up with me trying to remove excess pigment from my skin using a makeup wipe. I did notice that whatever residue was left on my face did look really pretty and gave my cheeks a nice radiance, but surely there had to be a better way.


The Alice.D Milano Leather Tote

October 18, 2014

Alice D Milano Tote

The perfect tote shouldn’t be an It bag, it should be an it-can-be-used-anywhere-anytime bag. It doesn’t need to make a statement or scream “Look at me!”, but it does need to make you look good, even if you’re schlepping around your entire office in there. And since I’m quite the schlepper, I spent the entire summer searching for the right bag that would still allow me to feel chic doing it.

I debated the usual suspects: the Louis Vuitton Neverfull (too matronly), the Céline Cabas (too marked up), the Mansur Gavriel tote (too stiff), and the Longchamp Le Pliage (too many 13 year old girls using them as schoolbags on the Upper East Side). I checked out the new wave of “luxury start-up” fashion brands: Everlane (too practical looking) and Cuyana (too business-casual). And then I browsed all the pages of search results for “tote” on and other Internet shopping destinations and still came up empty handed.

For a bag that’s supposedly so simple, it was anything but simple to find. The problem is, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi factor to the perfect tote, and it’s difficult to describe and even more difficult to achieve.  The leather has to be just the right mix of structure and slouchiness to look effortless instead of serious or sloppy. And the proportions of the top, bottom, and sides have to meet some magical mathematical formula so it looks youthful, stylish and fresh.

I had almost given up the search and given in to carrying whatever canvas bag was in my closet, when I stumbled upon this Alice.D creation. The width and height looked just about right and it didn’t scrimp on functionality even though it was clearly focused on minimalist design. It comes with two different strap options so you can alternate between holding it on your arm and shoulders and features a large interior pocket for safekeeping wallet and keys. And best of all, design and function came at a price that was pretty palatable: under $500.

Alice.D Leather Tote in Beige / Black